Bowen Therapy and therapeutic Massage by Myotherapies Tacoma

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATherapist Carl has always been an advocate of alternative and complimentary healing methods. He has practiced them extensively with his own family. It wasn’t until recently that he rediscovered his desire and ability to positively influence a person;s health through touch. (He did massage and sports medicine in his younger days.)

Carl is a Licensed Massage Practitioner in the state of Washington, He is also a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner and is endorsed in Intra-oral massage.

Carl has received his Associate in Massage Studies with emphasis in clinical massage application. He has training in multiple modalities including myo-fascial release, deep tissue massage, reflexology, Swedish massage, manual ligament therapy, Bowen therapy and active isolated stretching to name a few. Carl strives to use the lightest and gentlest treatment to attain then best results. His approach is always holistic, caring enough to take time to try to understand the problem.


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