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Shoulder Pain

My Aching Shoulder Now that you have had some work done and your shoulder is feeling much better (less tense, decreased pain and more mobility), what can you do to help it to continue healing? Well one thing for sure, if you continue doing the thing that injured it, it will not get better. You […]

Neck Pain

Pain in the Neck In these modern times neck pain seems to be ever increasing. Not only adults are being tormented with this problem, but also the youth among us are being inflicted with this malady. Bowenwork, massage, active isolated stretching and corrective exercise – all help alleviate this common musculoskeletal problem. But what can […]

Breathe Deeply

 Take a deep breath in… relax. Do it again. How often during the day do you take the the time to do just that? Did you feel a difference in your body when you did? Its something we instinctively do after a crisis. It tells our body it can relax. Trouble is, in these current […]

Bowenwork TM ~ Bowen Therapy ~ Bowtech(R)

    How does it work? There are many theories about the physiological mechanism by which the Bowen technique brings about the results that it is famous for. In addition to re-balancing the autonomic nervous system, the procedures may reset the body to heal itself by activating (through the nervous and endocrine system among others) […]

Privacy Notice

Myo Therapies LLC Notice of Privacy Practices To our Clients: Our practice is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of your health information. We understand that health information about you is very sensitive. We will not disclose your information to others unless you ask us to or unless the law authorizes or requires disclosure. This notice […]

Confidential Client Form

Myo Therapies LLC Confidential Health Information Form Name:______________________________________________________Date:______________________________ Address:_____________________________________City:________________State:____________Zip:__________ Home Telephone:___________________________Work Phone:____________________Cell#:_________________ Email:_________________________________________Referred by:_____________________________________ Date of Birth:_________________Sex: M /F Marital Status: M / S / W / D Spouse:________________________ Occupation:__________________________________Employer:__________________________________________ Person responsible for this account:_________________________________Health Plan:______________________ Subscribers Name:______________________________________ID#___________________Grp#:______________ Emergency Contact:_________________________________________________Phone #:_____________________ Physician’s Name:___________________________________________________Phone #:_____________________ The following information will be used to help plan safe and […]

Financial Policy

Myo Therapies LLC Financial Policy Providing the best care for you is our top priority. To avoid misunderstandings that can negatively impact our services toward you, we are pleased to provide you with a statement of our financial policies. Your clear understanding of this policy is important to our professional relationship. We would be pleased […]