Neck Pain

Pain in the Neck


In these modern times neck pain seems to be ever increasing. Not only adults are being tormented with this problem, but also the youth among us are being inflicted with this malady. Bowenwork, massage, active isolated stretching and corrective exercise – all help alleviate this common musculoskeletal problem. But what can you do to actively reduce your chances of acquiring acute and chronic neck pain? The following paragraphs are some suggestions that have helped others.

First of all, stay hydrated with water! Many health problems including muscle inhibitions are a product of dehydration. Second, improve your posture. Stand and sit as if you were being drawn up from the top of your head with a string. Have you ever lifted a bowling ball? That’s about what your head weighs, 10-14 pounds. Every inch that your posture is out of balance multiplies that weight! Studying, sitting in front of a computer, watching television for long periods of time all can contribute to neck pain. Take a break every 30-45 minutes for at least a minute or two, preferably longer. Roll your neck, shrug your shoulders, swing your arms, get up and walk, stretch. All of these will help reintegrate your body to norm. Like talking on the phone? Put it on speaker or at least avoid cradling it between your head and shoulder while you talk. Even too much texting with your head down will cause neck pain. Check the weight of your backpack. Especially check the weight of your child’s backpack. Avoid carrying them over one shoulder. Ladies, lighten your purse. Do you really need to carry everything? While we’re at it consider your bras. What??? Yes, poor fitting bras can contribute to neck pain. Avoid stomach sleeping, and try using a memory foam cervical pillow. Rolling a towel up secured with rubber bands and tucking it under your neck will help with neck alignment. (Too big of a roll will give you a neck ache.) Ice can help with new or old neck injuries (about 10-15 minutes at a time is good.) Heat for old injuries can help relax tense muscles. Meditation on something peaceful and relaxing will do wonders to relax that neck, actually it will relax the whole body.

When getting up from a reclined position first turn to your side and then push yourself up with your arms. Avoid using your head as a counter-balance to assist your abs when getting up (like doing a situp – and by the way, don’t lead with your head if your inclined to do situps or crunches).

Try these simple stretches and movements. It has been shown that strengthening and stretching neck and associated muscles can help alleviate and even eliminate certain types of neck pain. Do all of these movements gently and within your comfort or pain free zone. Pain is no Gain!!!!


  1. Gentle head rolling – just sit or stand and gently roll your head. Side to side, front to back – let it go in the direction it wants to go. Be aware of any sticking points and mentally tell them to relax, let go and flow. Do not go beyond what is comfortable. It feels real good.

  2. Gently stretch your neck in each direction – forward, backward, to each side. Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds. Remember these are gentle stretches. You should not feel any hard pulling or stretching. Do not go beyond what is comfortable. Try turning your head to one side and then gently lift your chin. Hold, then in the same position lower your chin to your chest. Do this on both sides.

  3. Laying on your back – do chin tucks. All you have to do is bring your chin to your chest. Do this 10-15 times. This can be done with a towel rolled up under your neck to maintain cervical curve. Try to not lift your head while tucking your chin.

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Remember to consult your physician before starting any exercise or stretching routines. The above suggestions

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